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 Kreative Flug Attacke (70812) 

 onstruct a wacky Wild West saloon battle craft with wing-mounted shooting cannons, boosters and more in Creative Ambush. Take off and play a tune on the piano as you drop bombs in the robot's way and protect the civilians. It's kebabs away and last orders for the Micro Manager with the flying kebab stand. Use your creative skills to build a flying kebab stand with control levers, jet wheels, side boosters and tasty kebab flick missiles. Includes 4 minifigures: Kebab, Bob, Sudds Backwash, Rootbeer Belle and Executive Ellen. LEGO® model number: 70812 Includes 4 minifigures: Kebab Bob, Sudds Backwash, Rootbeer Belle and Executive Ellen. Features flying saloon bi-plane, flying kebab stand and the Micro Manager. Saloon bi-plane features shooting cannons on both wings, bomb-drop chests, piano, 2 whips, barrel exhaust, cool engine and shutter-rudders on the wings and tail. Creative Ambush. Flying kebab stand features grill, meat on a rotating spit, kebab flick missiles, gauges, control leverls, jet wheels, side boosters and accessories including cups, knives, ketchup and mustard bottles. The Micro Manager features side flick missile, poseable legs and claws. 473 pieces. 

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